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University of Pittsburgh strikes continue without resolution

University of Pittsburgh strikes continue without resolution

UC postdoctoral scholars and researchers reach tentative deal but strike continues

The University of Pittsburgh’s postdoc leadership group has reached a tentative deal that would allow the group to continue its work without having to make additional cuts, but the strike continues to be resolved, the university says.

“It appears that the parties have reached an agreement on the details of their compromise and have submitted a revised draft of a memorandum of understanding with a number of key terms intact that we believe reflects the parties’ shared priorities,” the school says in a note posted on its website.

The deal would allow the faculty to continue their work, and also would prevent the closure of the UPMC research building as well as several programs, such as the UPMC Center for Public Engagement.

“While we are disappointed that the strike has continued without resolution, we are grateful for the contributions of the University of Pittsburgh faculty and staff during this time of uncertainty,” University of Pittsburgh President Anne C. Wolf wrote in an email to students, faculty, staff and affiliates.

The faculty members will vote on the proposal in April or May, followed by a review period that ends at the end of June, the university says.

“This agreement is the product of deep and persistent discussion that takes into account the input of all members of the University of Pittsburgh community,” Wolf said in the email.

The strike is to be ended when a second round of bargaining is completed, the school says.

The school also posted on its website the faculty’s proposed resolution with the University of Iowa’s faculty as a show of solidarity.

The union and the school said last week that they had reached a tentative agreement in mediation, but as of Friday, no deal had been agreed to.

The University of Pittsburgh says the group is negotiating with the University of Pennsylvania, the University of the Sciences and the University of Pittsburgh Law School faculty, as well as the Pittsburgh Foundation.

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