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The Other Side: The Other Side

The Other Side: The Other Side

The Times podcast: Coyotes go urban; humans freak out

Coyotes go urban in search of a home; human civilization gets a weird shock

The story

Kris Jenkins is a columnist for the Times and a host of KUTV’s award-winning podcast, “Wanted: Coyotes”. On this week’s podcast, we talk about “paleo” or “exotic” living in a hot climate. The podcast includes a few minutes of his regular show, a new segment called “KUTV: Outdoors”, and a few minutes of his weekly column, “The Other Side”: a weekly look at some of the weird, weird, weird places in the world.

Weeks before the 2018 presidential election, the Washington Post revealed that the Clinton campaign had sought access to the private email server used by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. When the paper did not provide the access, the Clinton campaign went to the court system, which took its time getting to the bottom of it. When the judge finally responded, he allowed the Clinton campaign to see the emails, but only under a tight deadline of just a few days.

A New York Times reporter had previously reported in April 2015 that the Clinton State Department’s security and privacy practices were “sloppy at best. There is no evidence the State Department treated Clinton’s private emails any differently than the other records.” That was before the server scandal broke, in which the FBI investigation found that Clinton had used her private server to send and receive emails from her time as secretary of state.

It is not often that someone as important as New York Times writer Michael Schmidt has to take a shot at the national press.

The podcast

The podcast is divided into two sides. On KUTV, we interview Kris Jenkins and David Pogue of the Times, who review some recent headlines and recent events, such as “Manatee beach closes after shark attack” and “Cuba releases photo of nuclear submarine amid tensions with Cuba”.

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