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The Most Important Thing for a Person With Cancer

The Most Important Thing for a Person With Cancer

Letters to the Editor: Do yourself a favor — call your doctor ‘Doctor.’ A physician explains why his treatment is effective and why it is the ‘right’ treatment based a number of factors, even if it doesn’t work. However, there are some people who really don’t need any kind of therapy. They must be cut, not treated, and should be placed in the public mental hospital (PHS).

To all the physicians out there — just say ‘Doctor’ and they’ll get it.

The most important thing for a person with cancer is to eat right, stay as healthy as possible and exercise regularly.

Dr. Andrew C. Strom

St. Charles Medical Center, St. Charles, Ill.

Sugar has the tendency to do us harm — both physically and mentally. I’ve tried just about everything over the years to lose weight. I had a thyroidectomy and chemotherapy. I’ve tried exercise, sugar-free substitutes, medications, vitamins and supplements, herbs, and everything else known to man. Even now, I’m on the first month of a new program to lose another half a pound.

I know now that sugar is the cause of my body’s weight gain. My weight was dropping and that’s when my wife noticed the change. It has nothing to do with diet or exercise.

I’ve tried to get her to agree that it’s just because of the weight gain, but it’s no use. We were having our first fight over the weekend and in the midst of it, she said, “I tried to lose the extra weight, but it didn’t work.” She’s been losing weight since she got the diagnosis.

I was a heavy smoker for most of my life and I’ve tried to give up smoking for years. I’ve smoked most of my life, and I’ve quit many times. I’ve tried everything, diet, exercise, smoking cessation, and many other things. But nothing has

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