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The Central Coast is a Tropical Depression

The Central Coast is a Tropical Depression

Eye-popping satellite photo shows Tropical Storm Kay over Southern California

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It was a momentous day for California’s Central Coast and the state as a whole, as a storm system barreling towards the state is moving off to the north.

The National Weather Service issued a new forecast at 2 a.m. Monday and Monday morning it stated all of northern and north-central California would be under an evacuation order for coastal and mountain counties.

The NWS said the center of the storm was forecast to be well to the east of the Central Coast and in the direction of the coast by midday Tuesday.

The agency said there would be a possibility for isolated showers and thunderstorms but with the storm moving off to the north of Los Angeles County and inland the chances of rain would be minimal.

The latest forecast indicates that the tropical depression will get close to the coast by Tuesday afternoon then move north to the far Northwest corner of California. It was expected to lose its tropical characteristics Tuesday night.

The storm is expected to move inland Tuesday night before it breaks up Wednesday night in the Santa Rosa and Monterey Bay areas of the state.

The forecast of the storm has been changing. The NWS issued a weak tropical storm warning Saturday night, however, the agency stated there may have been a turn west Tuesday morning and later that afternoon.

The weather service, as of Monday morning, had issued a revised forecast of the storm with the storm developing into a tropical depression this afternoon or early evening before moving east by late evening.

The storm is now a tropical depression and the NWS has issued a low-pressure warning.

The NWS issued the latest forecast early Sunday morning and the agency stated there was the possibility of rain showers Sunday but with the storm moving north and out of California that chances for rain were even lower.

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