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Puerto Ricans Are Helping People Through Hurricane Irma

Puerto Ricans Are Helping People Through Hurricane Irma

After Hurricane Ian left Cuba in the dark, protestors took to the streets. Now the government is set to charge them with “terrorism” and “rebel terrorism”, as their actions were a direct response to the hurricane. The government has banned all groups from returning to demonstrations, and the police are going through each and every person’s files to make sure they aren’t linked to any protests.

People around the world were mobilized to take action to help those affected by the hurricane, and in many cases, they have been forced to leave their homes, often to shelter in their cars.

From the US, thousands of people attended one of the largest non-violent protests yet, and many chose to leave their homes in Puerto Rico to take action. There’s a video from San Juan to show just how many people could fit into that parking lot.

While the situation is dire, there’s optimism and a sense of positivity that the situation could be improved. As one person put it, “Things are finally getting better. I hope this changes things around.”

“One thing that’s been on my mind is that people are suffering. I just hope we all can get along with the people who are doing something positive. People are doing everything that they can to help these people.” – Sarah

From the US, thousands came out to show their solidarity and to help those affected by Hurricane Irma. There’s a new video from Washington DC to show exactly what it’s like to be in the crowd.

While there’s definitely lots of negativity around the storm, people have made it clear that the issues in relation to racism and inequality must be confronted head on.

From the US, many have started to organize protests and actions when the hurricane hits, which is a very positive sign. As one person commented on the video below, “It’s just amazing to see the power of social media.”

The latest video shows Puerto Ricans trying to find their way home through the storm, and how they have formed an association called Voluntarios de la Cidad, which means Volunteers of the City.

All of this has caused a lot of tensions between the US and Puerto Rico, as well as tensions between Puerto Ricans and the US government.

The situation in Puerto Rico has been on the front of everyone’s minds since Hurricane Irma

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