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Trump’s Reelection Campaign: The Next Steps

Trump’s Reelection Campaign: The Next Steps

Trump’s Candidacy Is in Motion, but His Campaign Is a Work in Progress

President Donald Trump’s administration, on the campaign trail and as president, has been busy building the kind of infrastructure needed for the reelection campaign.

The White House has been taking on new roles, hiring key staff and revising Trump’s campaign’s structure to accommodate those changes.


As the campaign enters the homestretch and the next three weeks roll into one, Trump is still making decisions, moving forward with different candidates with different issues and ideas, and putting the campaign on a new course.

The White House has been expanding its staff, including key advisers with deep government experience. And Trump himself is using other roles as he shifts to his reelection campaign.

Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, is in the final sprint of an already busy weekend. He’s spent the day helping to organize rallies around the nation; Trump himself has spoken to the crowd at several events in North Carolina. And the president’s team has spent much of the day focusing on his reelection campaign, not just the president’s political role but the future of his administration.

Trump’s team is moving its message forward with the next steps of his life and his campaign.

“This was a campaign manager election to hire the campaign manager,” said Brad Parscale, who ran the Trump campaign’s digital operations before becoming Trump’s campaign manager. “We decided not to have the president and the first lady on the campaign in the beginning because we didn’t want to have them as a campaign spokesperson.”

Parscale said that while Trump is “always doing everything in his power to be a spokesperson for himself,” he is also trying to find a way for himself to be a spokesperson for the entire campaign. He is talking about things such as his campaign’s messaging, and how it’s different from other campaigns, and trying to make them his own.

Trump’s team has also been changing how they are running his reelection campaign. He has been spending a lot of time in the media and traveling around the country to meet with voters, but he also is working to shift how his campaign’s role

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