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Trump Jr.’s Daughter-in-Law Is a Match Made in Heaven

Trump Jr.’s Daughter-in-Law Is a Match Made in Heaven

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Tiffany Trump is the president’s daughter-in-law—by marriage, that is.

On Monday, Donald Trump Jr. announced he was marrying Marisa Trump, the oldest daughter of his father-in-law. Their big day will be on July 27.

“I’ve known Tiffany Trump for several years, and we have seen many beautiful weddings together,” Trump Jr. told People. “I don’t think any two women in a million years would have been a match made in heaven.”

Trump Jr.’s family friend, the former model Kim Zolciak, says a recent trip to Los Angeles with Marisa Trump proved to her that Tiffany Trump is, in fact, a match made in heaven.

“I met Tiffany in LA, and she is breathtaking,” Zolciak told People. “She is beautiful, rich, and smart, and she is also kind. I cannot imagine meeting someone like her in a million years.”

Trump Jr. is marrying Marisa Trump because their parents have been married for 60 years, and the Trumps are not really interested in getting married for awhile (unless it’s to his father-in-law), which is why Tiffany Trump is the perfect bride for the future president. But her beauty doesn’t stand out for the president, Zolciak pointed out.

“The wedding is very much about their family and how it plays out, and they don’t have to have it be about beauty,” she told People. “They are the president’s father and he is not going to be marrying anyone else.”

Trump Jr. and Marisa Trump

On the campaign trail, Trump Jr. said that the moment he knew he wanted to marry Marisa was as a young girl of 12 years old. The pair would frequent the same roller skating shops in the mall for the past seven years. The mother of Tiffany Trump says children can sense the bond between them.

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