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The Story of ‘Raptors’

The Story of ‘Raptors’

An action spectacle built around true story of female warriors who defend themselves against an army of invaders

The action and danger of an all-female band of ‘Raptors’ set in a medieval Spanish setting in the year 1387

Set in 15th century Spain, as soldiers and men of rank are led to the guillotine one by one, as their fate is decided, the story of these women in arms shows how women can and should fight back.

A film that is equal parts epic and intimate and will leave audiences with so many questions, many of which about woman’s place in society in the modern age.

In a year that proved to be a controversial one for women in film, we are proud to showcase two of the most stunning female action stars in modern cinema.

I am very excited to be a part of this film and to have been invited to take on the challenge of producing the film. As a producer, my role is to create the film from the ground up and to bring the characters to life.

I always have a challenge that I am up for and will never refuse it as long as I can see it through. With this film, I am more than happy to accept any help that anyone can offer.

For me, the beauty of the film is that there is so much of the female experience represented, in all its glory. That has only been possible through the talent of women in acting, directing, singing – and even the writing.

There’s been a great many films that have been filmed in the past year that really brought me to tears as a viewer, especially the female characters. Not only does this film feature incredible female acting such as the powerful, badass, fearless and fearless female actors, there are so many amazing female characters that have been given the opportunity of being seen on screen.

The story of the film is based on a true story of women that fought in 1387 in the battles against the invading forces of Philip IV of Spain, led by his brother.

It gives the opportunity to see real women that fought back against the invasion, with courage and pride. The film is an almost full-length battle which really makes you see the real sense of this time period and how women were capable of fighting back.

The film itself is very much

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