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The Problem Is Not Trump

The Problem Is Not Trump

Letters to the Editor: Fine, subpoena Trump. Just don’t expect to learn anything.

March 19, 2017

As I’ve mentioned, this nation is facing an existential crisis. And I believe the time is now to bring this nation to a new high-water mark where we can look forward and not backward.

As a result of the massive loss of life and property and the destruction of the global economy, the national debt, and the crippling of our ability to defend ourselves, America must now rise to the occasion. And we must have a president who brings us to this new high water mark and not one who continues the descent into mediocrity.

In the absence of this president, we are in for a long, horrible, ugly period of decline and decline. And that in and of itself is cause for concern.

However, I believe the current president is not the problem. For the problem is not Trump. The problem is the failed policies of the Trump administration and the Republican Party.

Trump is the symptom. The problem is the cancer that is destroying this nation.

As a supporter of the president, I can say he is doing everything in his power to be the president for ALL Americans. He is pursuing a policy agenda that will restore this nation to its historical glory.

He is being challenged by a Congress and the Republican Party who are committed to their own self-interest and the interests of the wealthy.

I can only hope that when the dust settles they will emerge on their feet and try to understand the urgency of the moment. They would be wise to stop the descent of a nation into mediocrity and begin the ascent.

The nation is in dire straits. If we don’t get our act together, we could find ourselves at the bottom of the economic abyss. And that too would make for a terrible situation.

I urge everyone to get involved in this election. And if you haven’t

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