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The Middle: The Middle’s James Van Der Beek: “There’s no shame in not wanting to parent when the time comes.”

The Middle: The Middle's James Van Der Beek: "There's no shame in not wanting to parent when the time comes."

‘Till’ focuses on the pain — and resiliency — that comes with caring when things don’t go according to plan (which is something you can be certain about at these sorts of shows). They’re the new kids on the block at the very young age of 11. The show has a very unique and unique perspective on just how difficult being a parent is, and just how important they are. If you’ve ever watched children during those “I wish daddy would play with me” moments, then you better understand the power of this show.

“Just like there’s no shame in not getting your kid your way when the time comes, there’s no shame in not wanting to parent when the time comes,” co-creator and star James Van Der Beek tells THR. “There’s no shame in wanting to parent, but not wanting to parent because you’re going to be so busy or because you’re so in love with someone else that you want to get out of it entirely. A lot of people get mad at us for saying ‘I don’t want to parent,’ but we’re not saying it to sound like we’re giving a moral lecture, we’re saying it as a reflection of how you go about parenting. We want to show a new generation of parents that they don’t have to be perfect in order to be good parents. I was a little nervous about that, but it’s something I’m very interested in.”

While most of these shows are about new parents, the first five seasons of The Middle really took a look at their very unique and special children, who are often the center of the show and the drama of the series. And it’s a great look at the ups and downs that come when you have kids — and the fact that they get a lot of criticism from their parents. While the show doesn’t really shy away from the fact that it’s about a bunch of people in various stages of being parents, Van Der Beek says it’s important to “put a human spin on it.”

“We’re not trying to say one way or another when it comes to

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