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The Mexican Football Federation Needs to Take Responsibility for the Mexican Media and Fans

The Mexican Football Federation Needs to Take Responsibility for the Mexican Media and Fans

Mexico faces early World Cup exit against Saudi Arabia

The Mexican national team was crushed in the first game of this world Cup in Brazil last week.

Mexico’s players and fans showed their displeasure with the manner in which the team lost to Saudi Arabia after a 0-0 draw at the Maracana at the start of the second half. The Mexican media and fans were in full revolt.

The Mexican media were the most vocal when the match was played according to the Mexican media and fans, as they attacked the Mexican teams who were playing.

“He’s a cheater. That’s why he was given the World Cup,” one Mexican TV commentator said during the game.

“We were the ones who wanted a good team,” said another commentator.

In an interesting twist, the Mexican soccer federation (FMF) and the Mexican government (FMPR) were caught in the middle the situation, as both parties defended their support for the players and the Mexican media and fans.

This is a clear example of how Mexican football needs to move forward and find a solution to the public, political and media pressure. The media needs to stand behind the players first and foremost.

Both FMF and FMPR have been criticized by Mexico’s soccer media and fans. FMF has not been able to offer any suggestions on how to handle the criticism, and FMPR has defended the players by saying they are defending their honor.

While FMF has been able to defend the Mexican national team, FMPR has been unable to defend their honor by taking responsibility for the Mexican media and fans in the world of soccer. FMPR needs to take responsibility for FMF’s failure.

The FMF needs to show the Mexican media and fans that their silence is unacceptable and they need to take responsibility for their failure in managing the media.

What is FMF doing?

FMF president Gerardo Salas, who resigned after the defeat

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