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The GOP is Throwing More Democrats to the Wolves

The GOP is Throwing More Democrats to the Wolves

Op-Ed: How Republicans are tossing Democratic ballots before the 2020 elections

How GOP is turning Democratic votes into votes for a President Trump

By now, everyone has heard of the “caging” of Democratic voters by the GOP – if they don’t vote in the Republican primaries, they will be excluded from the general election.

The GOP is trying to steal all of the Democratic votes, while turning their supporters into Trump voters.

Even before the Democrats had any hope of defeating President Trump, now they are under attack.

Even President Trump’s own Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon has called the Democrats’ strategy “political suicide.” Now, the GOP is trying to throw more votes to Donald Trump, in order to increase turnout for the GOP, which will increase by at least 1.5 million votes.

It’s all part of a plan by the GOP to take over a party that the Democratic Party has lost, even when Democrats hold the House.

Democrats are under attack. The only thing that the Democratic Party has to fear is that the Republicans are taking over and turning the Democrat party, and its candidate into a “Trump voter.”

Republicans have already flipped a state – Pennsylvania. This was done through ballot management. The GOP was able to use the party management program of party organizations, to throw out all Democrats, and re-select Republican members who otherwise would have been eligible to vote in the Democratic primary. They were able to do this, as was done in Arizona, Indiana, Wisconsin and even Pennsylvania.

Now, as the Democrats are trying to hold onto the House, even though the House has been given to the GOP by the election results, the GOP continues to throw Democrats to the wolves. The GOP is just trying to increase their chances that they will win the presidency in 2020.

Even though the polls show that President Trump is ahead in most states, they still haven’t been able to turn out. For that, the GOP needs every vote.

And so, the GOP continues to toss more Democrats to the wolves.

Republicans are making the Democrats and their supporters – the Trump voter – one big voting bloc, in order to win the presidency and the House.


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