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The Children’s Mother Says Father Doesn’t Allow Visitation With The Kids

The Children's Mother Says Father Doesn't Allow Visitation With The Kids

Chrisley children get biblical in defense of their parents after prison sentencing

This story is from the Des Moines Register via The Huffington Post

Mitch and Christy Christensens, who are in their 20s, have a history of getting into fights with their two daughters. Their oldest was born with Down syndrome, while Christy was convicted of spousal abuse in her previous relationship.

Christys’ daughters are living with their mother and father out of state and have reportedly been having problems with their father for years. In late July 2010, the two older girls told their mother they were unhappy with their father and wanted to live with him.

Christys’ attorney, Tonya Wilson, said the children needed more time to make that decision. Wilson is a former prosecutor who said he and his client have not had a recent history of domestic violence. She said he is simply not “a bad guy.”

Judge Joseph Baughman refused to make an immediate ruling on whether it would be best to make them both state wards or to keep them with their parents. (A court date for the girls has been scheduled.)

A week before Christmas, after the two older daughters started seeing their father, an associate warden informed the judge the father would be sent to prison.

The judge denied a request to allow the girls to live with their father with their mother and brother.

A few months later, the children got an order for the father to get counseling and mental healthcare. But the kids’ mother has said the court does not allow the father visitation with the kids.

A few weeks ago, the father filed a motion to block the girls from seeing him during times when their mother is caring for the girls. Christy’s mother told the Register that Christy and her attorney were “outraged that his (father’s) visitation should be denied.” (Christy had visitation with the girls on Dec. 27-30.)

The mother also told the Register that her ex-husband had been ordered by a friend to take up to 12 months of psychiatric and drug abuse medication and that she fears it will adversely affect her husband and her and daughter’s relationship.

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