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Prada’s Global Collection is the first ever sustainability-focused collection

Prada’s Global Collection is the first ever sustainability-focused collection

Prada Focuses on Sustainability in ‘Disruptive’ Fine Jewelry Debut

With every collection, Prada seeks the best fabrics, the best craftsmanship, and the best designers in the world to bring its own signature to its collections. After the show’s debut in Milan, Prada has revealed the first pieces from its first ever sustainability-focused collection called “Global,” which debuted at the 2019 Fendi Spring/Summer 2019 runway show on November 13 as part of the Décors 2019 collection.

For the first time in the brand’s history, Prada will bring in the best of the best to develop an even more sustainable way of living in the future by incorporating environmentally responsible materials into its collection. Instead of choosing one type of fabric, the innovative collection will include all five Fendi Décors 2019 collections: New York, Paris, London, Milan, and New York-Paris.

Prada debuted the new collection on November 13 with a stunning runway show during the Fendi Spring/Summer 2019 runway show. The runway show was the first time Prada took its Décors line to the runway, which is now a permanent fixture of Fashion Week. “When we decided to bring our Décors lines to the runway first time, we were not sure how it would come to life. We saw it during fashion week, we started thinking about what we could do,” said Alessandra Ambrosio, chief creative officer of Prada.

The collection includes pieces that draw from the brand’s heritage while also creating a new look for the brand through a mix of new and traditional materials. For example, the collection includes a wool and velvet bodysuit that references Prada’s earliest pieces and a suede and chinchilla body suit that pays tribute to Prada’s Italian heritage.

“The beauty of the collection is that it’s a mix between three different eras,” says Prada’s creative director, Alessandra Ambrosio. “We wanted to come up with a collection that is very modern, but also classical and timeless. This is about combining materials that are so different, yet they are still perfect for each other

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