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I think it’s an interesting discussion

I think it's an interesting discussion

Tumblr Users Are Wary of People Coming From Twitter

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“In a blog post, Chris says that he and his wife, a teacher, had been using Twitter for a few years before her new position at a school exposed them to people who seemed to use the service for’self promotion, personal attacks, and to try to shame and humiliate people they disagreed with.’

Chris says he wasn’t particularly offended by his wife’s tweets and said “we knew they weren’t meant to be hurtful.”

“We didn’t see them as any different from the way we treated each other,” Chris writes. “In fact, we’ve never had an argument on the phone or at home that was more about the people we argued with than the issue at hand.”

“I hope Chris and his wife are happy and feel good about themselves,” he says. “And I’d like to say thank you to anyone else who has been able to overcome any of the negative comments they’ve seen on Twitter using these new-found tools.”

I don’t know if this is true, but when I was a kid, my sister’s mom wouldn’t answer the phone when I called. She’d pick up and say “it’s John, can you hold,” and then when I asked if it was John I’d hear that familiar voice as if she was trying to say “can you hold for John” instead of “can you hold for someone who said it’s John.” She just hung up, and I don’t really know where she went but she wouldn’t answer my questions any more. I think my dad was worried that if I talked to my sister, I’d somehow break her. I have no idea if she is on Twitter, but I just wanted to share that story.


“we knew they weren’t meant to be hurtful.”

I hope she gets back to her job, her boss.

Oh..I didn’t see you posting all this just to get back at me? What’s your point, and why do I even care?

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“No, it’s not,”

If I’m a stranger who I met on Twitter, I feel safe using my Twitter account to post as I wish. I can send it to my friends and family all without fear.

If I

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