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GM Canada is preparing to bid for the Canadian carmaker

GM Canada is preparing to bid for the Canadian carmaker

Uber warns of higher prices and longer wait times following Toronto’s decision to freeze new licences, as many Canadians return to work on the world’s largest auto maker’s watch to pay off the $1.2 billion in loans they’ve been forced to take out against the company’s valuation, sources tell the Star.

But if the U.S. company has its way, the next round of its planned takeover bid of the embattled Canadian car company will include a higher number of shares and a longer time frame.

And the next day, it will announce the price it will pay for GM.

If it’s to be the winning bidder, GM Canada – which has now filed the formal paperwork for its $10-billion offer – wants to know:

What the deal will look like on a share and cash flow basis

How long it will take and how much it will cost to buy

How long it will take to get the new vehicles the Canadian company wants to sell

The deal is expected to create a combined company valued at $59.6 billion. By comparison, the Canadian auto company has a market capitalization of $48.7 billion.

GM Canada executives say they believe they are in a good position to win the bid because its offer is higher than the one being considered.

That said, the combined carmaker — led by Bob Lutz with a 25% stake, which he and GM executives say is fully valued — has made it clear it will compete for the company’s resources, including cash, plants and workers, even if it has to raise its bid.

The move also comes days after the Canadian carmaker reported its lowest U.S. sales growth in years and the worst-ever holiday period for its U.S. dealerships.

The Toronto-based company said Wednesday it plans to begin talks with a private equity firm or funds to help pay down its debt. The move comes as the company’s management tries to restore its brand’s trust after a tumultuous

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