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Dr. Oz: ‘Jack, I’m here… I am cancer free’

Dr. Oz: ‘Jack, I’m here... I am cancer free’

Column: ‘Women, doctors, local political leaders’: How Dr. Oz handed Democrats a path to victory in key suburban swing districts

When it comes to suburban areas — areas that vote heavily Democratic — a lot rides on House and Senate races this year.

We took a look at how Dr. Mehmet Oz’s CNN show, The Dr. Oz Show, led his show’s audience to believe, that he was going to make a difference in their lives.

As many of his guests have pointed out, we don’t need more of Dr. Oz to try to make Democratic candidates feel that their dreams are becoming a reality.

We want to talk about the real changes.

But let’s start with Dr. Oz.

‘Dr. Oz: The Magician Behind the Miracle’

Dr. Mehmet Oz took his show to the mid-Atlantic United States from his home base of Chicago, to the homes of America’s heartland.

In the show’s first segment from January 2018, and continuing through this year, he used his fame and fame-making power to lead his audiences to a positive, hopeful conclusion from the news of the day.

He described a young man he met who has been fighting an aggressive cancer for four years, and told everyone that he was doing great, and that the treatment would work.

“Today is not the day where you’re going to be able to walk out of this hospital or the doctors’ office and say, ‘I am cancer free,’” said the young man. “You’re not going to walk out of here and say, ‘I have cancer free; I’m cancer free.’”

That young man is a man named Jack, who has been fighting stage IV esophageal cancer for four years, in which over 2,000 miles of tube has been inserted into his esophagus to bring food into his body.

Dr. Oz: ‘Jack, I’m here… I am cancer free’

He described Jack’s prognosis as “good”, and he says while the prognosis can’t be known until the end of the year, his odds are good.

As Dr. Oz noted, Jack is not only cancer free,

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